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Meet Teresa 

Teresa Garza Lusk is a Latina Conservative Speaker, Author, Minister, Commentator, Host of the Teresa Lusk Show, and founder of ExecYou Coach and ExecYou Productions. She has a Master's degree in Professional Counseling and is determined to combat liberal ideologies while inspiring and equipping people in the areas of faith, family, business, and politics. Teresa is unapologetic in her mission of capacitating men and women to answer to the purpose laced within them. She leads with tenacity, aspiration, and determination to set an example and propel those around her to become the change agents needed in today’s culture.

Teresa details beating the odds by overcoming the struggles of being a teen mom, dropping out of school in the 8th grade, living an out-of-control life, finding God, and being renewed in Christ. Teresa shares how everyone can do this, if you just give yourself to God, and let Him lead you.

Teresa has authored several faith-based books that empower men and women in their faith in God including; Prayers that Change Us, Girl, Preach, Winning Favor with People God's Way, and more!


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